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We're building a community of wise people who want more from study.

Are you looking for:

Wisdom without pretensions?

Scholarly insight that isn't hidden behind the ivory paywalls of academia?

Intelligent thought that actually transforms the heart?

Then welcome home to your new favorite online journal!

The Orthodox Snake aims to transform hearts by engaging minds,

through articles, consultations, classes, visual art, podcasting, livestreams, and more!

...because we're called to be wise as serpents ☦️❤️🐍

The Serpentine Byzantines

Joint Dr. Boaz, the Human

Sweet Potato, the Ball Python

We're a small team consisting of a human and a snake.

Dr. Boaz has a Joint PhD in Healthcare Ethics and Theology. He lives a 2nd life as a professional dancer. He's also a parish cantor, visual artist, and gaming streamer.

Sweet Potato is a male albino Ball Python. Born and raised in Florida, he's also traveled across the USA via roadtrips and even a flight! He's been blessed by a priest and once completed an entire Paschal Fast without eating a single meal.

Let's Connect!

Hey! We offer tutoring and coaching for students!

Currently accepting clients for 1-on-1 consults. First call is a free introduction. We create custom programs tailored to your needs!

Healthcare Ethics consults for small hospitals and private practices!

Dr. Boaz offers his healthcare ethics expertise on a per-case basis at an accessible price. Dedicated ethics advising without the research hospital budget!

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